Mimi fell ill with Covid-19 during pregnancy and was in a coma for 5 weeks

Remscheid – Mimi Yusein (30) has already given birth to hundreds of newborns. The midwife knows how important the first time is for the baby and mother. Which she could not experience herself …

Because the Remscheid woman contracted corona during pregnancy and fell into a coma, she was only able to hold her son in her arms for the first time weeks after the birth!

At the beginning of April, Mimi was 39 weeks pregnant and suddenly had a fever. The corona test: positive. “I guess I got infected in the supermarket,” she says. The next day she has such a violent cough that she has to call the ambulance.

It’s getting worse and worse in the hospital. The doctors bring the child by caesarean section. “I only saw the little one for two seconds and wasn’t even allowed to touch him. I just cried, ”she says.

After the birth, baby Artun is fine. But the mother’s condition is critical. She comes to a special lung clinic and is put into an artificial coma. Five long weeks!

Meanwhile, her husband Rasim (35, civil engineer) takes care of Artun together with the grandmothers. “I’m the second mom to him,” he says. “The worries were unbearable.”

Mimi (30) and Rasim (35) are now making up for everything with Artun (10 weeks). Mimi: “I have no memory of the weeks in a coma, the time is just gone.”Photo: Meike Wirsel

His wife is brought out of the coma in mid-May. May hold her son for the first time a few days later. “My heart was beating wildly when I hugged him!”

Bethanien chief physician Prof. Winfried Randerath to BILD: “The fact that the mother was able to leave the clinic with her baby in her arms is my Corona highlight.”

Mimi is now back home, but still has to take medication and is weak. “Now let’s catch up on everything.”

Map: Corona vaccination monitoring in the federal states - infographic


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