Millionaire left his wife and children to go to the mountain to practice

ChinaLeaving money and fame behind, divorcing his wife and being rejected by his parents, Liu went up to the mountain to become a monk, living up to his ideal.

Liu Jingsng, 44, is the general manager of a large garment company in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. With a smart mind, good relationship with the business owner, in the first year of founding the company, Liu earned 5 million yuan (17 billion dong) and increased continuously in the following years. After that, this man used the money he earned to invest in real estate and built a fortune of hundreds of millions of yuan.

At the age of 40, with fame and possessions, Liu is considered a successful self-help example of Guangdong province and is an idol of many people. However, he himself felt emptiness, because he lost a sense of belonging.

Liu’s wife thinks that her husband should work even harder to make money, have better living conditions, live in a bigger house and drive the best car. But Liu did not think so. He wanted a stable and quiet life after half a busy life. Therefore, the conflict between husband and wife is increasing.

“This is not a question of who is right and who is wrong, but we pursue different ideas and thoughts,” Liu said.

Luu Canh Sung went up to the mountain to practice himself in 2012. Photo: qq.

In 2012, Liu traveled from Guangdong to Zhongnan Mountain in Shaanxi Province to film a Taoist documentary. Unlike the crowded and stuffy city, this mountain region has beautiful views and precious birds. “There are no high-rise buildings here, there are no parties, constant meetings and receptions. The special thing is that there are no quarrels with the couple,” said Liu. lived for a few days on Chung Nam mountain.

This is also the first time in his life that this man feels the peace of his life and understands what his life really wants. But he still has family and work, so Liu returned to the city, continuing his familiar rhythm. However, after a period of getting used to the quiet and leisurely life in the mountains, Liu began to feel the pressure and pain the city brought him. He intends to become a monk.

Soon after, this man arranged the work and returned to Chung Nam Mountain. This time, he built a cottage on the mountain by himself and named it “Chung Nam Cottage”. The house is not big, only has a bed, a table and a chair. Every morning, Liu gets up at dawn, grabs some food, and then goes out to collect firewood. He cooks rice right on the mountain, water is taken from the stream, has only one meal a day, then looks at the scenery and never watches his watch. Although life is simple, he feels happy.

Six months in the mountain, Liu’s wife took her son to look for her husband. With tears from his wife and his son’s plea, Liu returned to the city, but the idea of ​​a monk became more and more intense. This time, he was no longer content with his own practice but wanted to become a real monk. However, family became the biggest obstacle.

Luu Canh Sung at the present time.  Photo: qq.

Luu Canh Sung at the present time. Image: qq.

When he heard about Liu’s aspirations to practice, his parents-in-law thought he was joking. After that everyone reacted harshly, but Liu dropped it. Although he was criticized for not taking care of his family and avoiding responsibility, in the end this man still signed the divorce petition with his wife. Friends asked if that was too much, Liu replied “I let go!”. From that point, the biological parents also announced the face. In March 2015, this man officially got his hair down and became a monk.

Since then, relatives have not once visited him. Everyday Liu wakes up from sunrise and goes to bed when the sun goes down. Every time he woke up, he practiced health, made tea, read books, then chanted sutras. When the weather was fine, he often went to other parts of the mountain to meditate and only went to sleep when he was tired.

“Now I can leisurely watch the blooming and dying flowers at the temple’s doorstep. Everyone’s wishes are different. Many people say I’m treacherous and cruel but I choose only what I want,” recently Liu share your own point of view.

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