Mike Tyson frantically kept tigers as hard animals, slept with tigers and was hospitalized for being bitten

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 00:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Mike Tyson paid the price for wildly raising tigers as “hard animals” in the house.

In the past, heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson was an extremely famous puncher and was always sought after by the media for his personal life. All of his tastes even the smallest are always of interest.

Mike Tyson and his pet tiger

Not raising dogs, cats, ornamental birds …, the once famous “Steel puncher” had a wild hobby … tigers. The image of a heavyweight champion walking with his “pet” has become one of the most famous images.

Tyson told USA Today that he decided to buy a tiger while convicted of rape in 1992 and sentenced to six years in prison.

According to Yahoo.Sports, keeping a tiger indoors like Tyson takes a lot of money. It is estimated that it costs $ 4,000 / month for food and $ 100,000 / year for insurance. During 16 years of raising tigers, Mike Tyson spent more than 2.3 million USD (about over 53 billion VND).

Recently, according to the writer Johnell Gipson of Cheatsheet, Tyson was hospitalized because of a tiger bite. “I was bitten by a tiger in my hand, the wound is very bad. This is really bad. I had to go to the hospital to treat the wound. It’s crazy, I dare not tell the doctor that the tiger bite. They said they were bitten by a dog. If I told them they would definitely come and take the tiger. “

Tyson also revealed that during 16 years of raising tigers, he regularly put tigers in cars and on highways. Mike “steel” confirmed that if the police or pedestrians see this scene, it will be “out of mind”.

Tyson shares his love for the tiger: “I have a great love for the tiger. I put the tiger in my room and slept with him for 16 years.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/mike-tyson-ngong-cuong-nuoi-ho-lam-thu-cung-ngu-voi-ho-va-vao-vien-vi-bi-can-5 …

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