Microsoft launched Windows 11, know its top features

Windows 11 Launch: Microsoft on Thursday launched its new operating system Windows 11. This system has been introduced with many great features, which will improve the user experience. The company announced to launch it in this event. Let us know what are the best features in this operating system.

Here are the top features 1. Window 11 has been given a new look, in which many attractive and advanced themes are being found. When you update it, you will see a different kind of graphics every time.

2. The taskbar of Window 11 has been changed a lot compared to before. In this, the icons will be seen in the center, which will make your experience quite exciting. Not only this, its start menu has also changed a lot.

3. The special thing is that in this system you will be able to work in many windows on one screen. This is called Snap Layout. Many people multitask, so it will prove to be very beneficial for them.

4. If your laptop or computer is a touchscreen, you can work in this window without a keyboard. In this, the gesture and stack feature have been greatly improved.

5. You will be surprised to know that you will get a collection of all movies and web series on the store of window 11. From here you can buy movies or series. This store has been given a great look.

6. For gaming enthusiasts, this window can prove to be of great use. It has many such features specially made for gaming. The company says that it will prove to be the best operating system for gaming.

7. In this window system you will find Amazon App Store from where you can download and install apps. All Android apps can also be installed in this, although it will have some limit.

8. In this window, you have also been given the feature of voice typing for typing, so that you will be able to type fast in a very short time. It has a great touch keyboard. This will make the user experience much better.

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