Michelin: the long march towards the green tire

Posted on Nov 26, 2021, 5:08 PMUpdated Nov 26, 2021, 5:30 PM

The car starts off with a bang in the rain, on the test tracks of the Michelin research center in Ladoux, a few kilometers from Clermont-Ferrand. Not only does the competition car run on hydrogen, it is equipped with a completely remarkable demonstration tire: 46% of it is made from “sustainable” materials, that is to say natural or biobased. “I do not feel any difference compared to a conventional tire”, affirms the pilot of the prototype called “Mission H24”.

Michelin has embarked on the green tire race. Like most large industrial groups, the manufacturer wants to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment, even aiming for a rate of 100% sustainable materials in its tires by 2050. “We have no choice. vis-à-vis society. And tomorrow, our customers will demand it and call us to account! », Insists Florent Menegaux, the president of the group.

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