Michel-Edouard Leclerc: “If we buy more from Danone, it goes into the pocket of the shareholders”

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of the E.Leclerc centers and “Face of mass distribution in France” self-proclaimed, intends to tell about his health crisis and his vision of post-Covid consumption. In “the Essentials of the Republic” (editions of the Observatory), he shares his little sentences – “There is food until the summer” – and his arm wrestling – “The Saudis have just bought our cargo [de masques] -, but also the SMS of the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, the repeated cyberattacks or his exchanges with Bernard Arnault. Interview.

In your book, you pay tribute to the “sacred union” which united distributors, carriers and manufacturers at the height of the coronavirus crisis. What is left of it today?

We are still in the crisis and we have kept functioning: alternative supplies, since there are few imports and few exports, the exchange of information on regulations which change every month … France is a very corporatist country, with garden centers and florists, large and small, Fnac does not have the same union as the booksellers, Leclerc and Intermarché are not part of the Federation of Commerce (FCD) to which Carrefour belongs and Auchan, Fevad only represents online commerce, etc. And all these federations are put in working order at the request of Bercy.

Alexandre Bompard (Carrefour), Th

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