Michael Kretschmer: Saxony demands more refugee aid from the federal government

Leipzig – In twelve hours on Saturday, the new exhibition center created 700 places for war refugees from Ukraine. There are now 1070, 90 of which are occupied. On Wednesday, MP Michael Kretschmer (46, CDU) looked at the situation on site.

And he immediately declared that the refugees would be distributed throughout the Free State starting next week. The state directorate will be responsible, in cooperation with Minister of Science Sebastian Gemkow (43, CDU).

Exactly what role Gemkow plays and how the distribution works is to be explained today at a specially scheduled appointment.

According to Kretschmer, however, it is clear that Leipzig and Dresden, for example, will be counted for the refugees who have been accepted so far. In addition, the Free State wants to create a buffer of 10,000 beds (currently: 3,000).

But Kretschmer also emphasized: “We are dependent on the federal government getting involved. We need a certain structure.”

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