Mexico remembers the dead: James Bond made this parade famous

Mexico remembers the dead in such a gruesome and beautiful way …

With a motley parade in the capital, the celebrations for “Día de Muertos” (“Day of the Dead”) started. Hundreds of people in disguise danced and made music through the center of Mexico City on Sunday, honoring the 288,000 corona deaths that Mexico has recorded since the pandemic broke out this year.

During the eerily beautiful spectacle, the participants wore skull motifs painted on their faces, creepy masks or skeleton costumes. Various motifs from traditional as well as popular Mexican culture were represented.

A woman disguised as “Catrina” wears a corona protective shield during the celebrations for the Day of the DeadPhoto: Fernando Llano / dpa

The parade attracted thousands of spectators to the streets

The parade attracted thousands of spectators to the streetsPhoto: GUSTAVO GRAF MALDONADO / REUTERS

The parade in Mexico City has only been held annually in the run-up to the holiday since 2016. It is modeled on a move that was seen in the James Bond film “Specter” from 2015.


In “Specter” Daniel Craig wore this death mask as James Bond Photo: PR

The “Día de Muertos” is celebrated every year on All Saints ‘Day and All Souls’ Day. As in other Catholic regions of the world, the dead are remembered – mostly at the graves of deceased relatives. In Mexico, the tradition is mainly cultivated in the indigenous communities.

It is believed that the souls of family members come to visit on these days from the afterlife. Altars are set up at home and decorated with flowers, candles, photos, religious signs, food and drink.

Because of the corona pandemic, the parade was canceled last year. So far, around 46 percent of Mexico’s 126 million inhabitants have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Most of the crowded spectators on Sunday wore mouth and nose protection.


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