Meteorologists are in despair: so much weather forecast chaos for the festival as never before

It can snow. It can get frosty – but also mild and dingy. The Christmas week shows its most difficult side in terms of weather.

It will be particularly exciting for the north. Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, the north of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and parts of Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt can hope for flakes.

“The Christmas weather has not been so exciting for a long time. This morning, the US weather model NOAA expected 20 to 40 centimeters of snow in the north over Christmas. Nothing was charged last night. This back and forth, the giant jumps are simply due to the air mass limit that is expected for Christmas, ”says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from to BILD.

Forecast from the US model on Monday morning: Weather limit on Christmas Day exactly over Germany. The north would get a lot of snow (blue), the south only rain (green symbols)Photo:

It’s all very unsafe. This weather limit can slide further south or even further north.

What’s going on up there?

Directly above Germany, very cold air masses meet rather mild air masses at an altitude of around 1500 meters. The border is somewhere, probably in the northern part of Germany.

Weather expert Jung: “On the cold side there is snow or freezing rain, the warm side only gets rain. According to the current status, around 80 percent of Germany is on the warm side. 20 percent could still enjoy a white Christmas. “

The temperatures on December 25th in the afternoon!  Up to 10 degrees in the southwest, snowfall in the north at minus 1 degree

The temperatures on December 25th in the afternoon! Up to 10 degrees in the southwest, snowfall in the north at minus 1 degreePhoto:

According to today’s forecasts by NOAA, the cold should prevail throughout Germany after Christmas. This is really very, very uncertain, especially since exactly the opposite has been calculated in the past few days.

“Personally, I assume a green Christmas in most regions of Germany. 40 centimeters to the north looks really exciting on the weather map, but I don’t believe in it. This forecast is exaggerated. The north will probably get cold, wet weather, ”explains weather expert Jung to BILD.

Map: White or Green Christmas - Infographic

“This is pure adrenaline in the meteorologist’s blood. There is an air mass limit over Germany for Christmas Eve, ”says climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from to BILD.

With 50 percent, Flensburg, Rügen, and possibly Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have the best chance of a “White Christmas” right now. Berlin also has a chance of snow on Saturday night. The chance here is 30 percent. Little chance of snow on the Rhine and Main. Here the chance drops to below 5 percent. Until Thursday the weather in the country is calm with frost and frost at night and sun and fog during the day.

This is how it will probably continue in the coming days:

Tuesday: -2 to +4 degrees, cold with sun and fog, dry

Wednesday: 0 to 3 degrees, in the north some sleet or snow, otherwise dry and fog

Thursday: around 0 degrees in the north and up to 9 degrees in the south! Rain in the south, sleet and snow in the north

Christmas Eve: 2 to 10 degrees, rain and wind again and again, in the north also sleet

Christmas Day: colder in the north and always snow or sleet, sometimes freezing rain, to the south only rain! 0 degrees in the north, to 7 degrees in the south

Second Christmas Day: up to 11 degrees in the southwest, around 0 degrees in the very north, sometimes snow there, otherwise only rain and wind


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