Merseburg: Drugs and cash seized during raid

Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt) – Strike against drug crime in Saxony-Anhalt.

During a raid in Merseburg, two men (24, 38) were provisionally arrested. Almost 3.5 kilograms of cannabis and 630 grams of crystal were found and confiscated in the apartments of the two Merseburgers.

“The officers also secured dangerous objects such as a baton and several knives as well as 10,000 euros in cash,” said a police spokesman on Thursday

A total of 630 grams of crystal worth tens of thousands of euros were seized during the search

Photo: Halle Police Inspectorate

There were also further house searches on Wednesday afternoon in other independent investigations on suspicion of illegal trade in narcotics. The police found 68 cannabis plants of various sizes in the garden of a 67-year-old suspect.

Another suspect was found with 50 grams of crystal.

Officials from the Central Criminal Police Service in Halle (Saale) and criminalists from the Halle (Saale) police station were involved in the measures, supported by officers from the state riot police (PI Central Services).

68 of these cannabis plants were found in a 67-year-old man

68 of these cannabis plants were found in a 67-year-old man

Photo: Halle Police Inspectorate


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