Merseburg: Convicted firefighter back in court as an arsonist!

He is said to have set fire to the yard on which he was supposed to work out his sentence

Firefighter back in court as arsonist!


Merseburg – What happens when an arsonist has to serve his sentence on a horse farm?

In October 2021, Kevin M. (20) is said to have burned down the barn of a riding stable in Schafstädt (Saalekreis). The trial against the ex-firefighter, who has a relevant criminal record, began yesterday at the Merseburg district court.

The indictment accuses Kevin M. of having set fire to the 1,400 square meter barn of the horse farm on October 11 by throwing a burning coal lighter into the hay.

Kevin M. flew out of the fire department because he lit it


The 20-year-old took the allegations completely calmly, even bored. He was arrested immediately after the fire and has been in custody ever since – and is silent. The district court had only sentenced him to 22 months in prison for arson in March. The sentence was suspended on probation. For this, Kevin M. should do 120 hours of community service.

He reported to the riding stables in September – after he had already been fired from two other places – e.g. because of unpunctuality and idleness. No one suspected anything of this and of the previous history at the riding stables.

Reiterhof owner Dieter M. (77) vented his anger about this on the witness stand yesterday with a drastic comparison: “You wouldn’t send a pedophile to kindergarten either…”

A horse farm employee reported that the accused was annoyed on the day of the crime because he had to sweep away horse droppings. Is that why he reduced the barn to rubble? Forensic scientists found remains of the charcoal lighter under his shoes during the arrest.

The ex-fireman is said to have reduced this barn to rubble - 600,000 euros in damage

The ex-fireman is said to have reduced this barn to rubble – 600,000 euros in damage

Photo: Marvin Matzulla

For prosecutor Norbert Hartge (59), Kevin M. is therefore the arsonist from the horse farm and should be in prison for three years and ten months. The defense, however, pleaded for acquittal for lack of evidence.

The verdict is scheduled for February 23.


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