MEPs vote to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores

Dogs and cats purchased from pet stores are over soon. The National Assembly voted this Wednesday, January 27, to ban the sale of these animals in these businesses in 2024. As for online sales, it will now be reserved for shelters and breeders.

The amendment on animal facilities had been proposed by the rapporteurs LREM and Agir de la loi de la majority contre la mistreatement Animale. Requested by animal protection associations, this ban has been in force in the United Kingdom since last year.

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She is motivated by the “Too early weaning of puppies and cats” sold in these places, a “Supply by puppy and kitten factories too often, and again “Poor socialization of these animals”, then inducing dropouts. It is also about curbing compulsive shopping in these stores.

The ban will affect dogs and cats, but not small companion mammals such as rabbits or guinea pigs.

Supervision rather than prohibition

The Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie, however, spoke out against this amendment, highlighting the work of employees in pet shops and garden centers as well as the controls carried out. It is necessary “Serialize the fights”, he also justified, wanting to tackle sales rather “At the foot of the truck”.

He supported an amendment by the LREM group led by Aurore Bergé limiting online sales to professionals and shelters, in order to fight against trafficking. However, animal donations will still be authorized.

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Julien Denormandie considered this form of supervision preferable to an outright ban on the sale of animals online outside of specialized sites, proposed by deputies of all stripes including the former “walker” Cédric Villani and the “rebellious” »Bastien Lachaud. Even the general reporter Loïc Dombreval (LREM) unsuccessfully carried this proposal, underlining the large number of false professionals posting announcements and the difficulty of controls. “This puts professional breeders in difficulty”, he noted.

The government has agreed to a sales framework charter with the Leboncoin platform. The announcements concerning dogs and cats specify the identification number of the animal, its age, its breed, if it is vaccinated… Other platforms like Facebook, where the announcements are so numerous, are not concerned. The examination of the bill is to continue on Friday.

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