Men’s outfits make women ‘melt’

Many believe that women love with the ears, but stylish men are still welcome. Sometimes, it’s not just clothes, but also details and accessories.

1. Glasses

Some women believe that glasses are only for “nerds”, but there are also people who find that men wearing glasses will be attractive and intelligent.

They believe that glasses (including sunglasses) make men more attractive and dreamy. However, glasses can make a man look less attractive if the wrong style is chosen. So choose the one that matches the shape of the face.

2. Sharp suit

Some people think that men only wear suits when going to meetings, underestimating the power of this outfit. Men can wear a suit to go on a date. Any woman likes to look at a well-dressed man.

Psychologists believe that the V-shaped body is considered a sign of good health and high levels of testosterone. That is why men should prioritize clothes that fit perfectly with their torso. This way, you will emphasize your advantage, look more manly thanks to broad shoulders and strong arms.

3. cashmere sweaters

High quality Cashmere is an expensive and rare fabric. This wool fabric is thin, soft, warm, light, and comfortable to the touch. Cashmere sweaters make a man look less severe and softer. Psychologically, it conveys a positive, comfortable feeling to the person wearing it.

4. Pink shirt or t-shirt

Pink is often considered feminine, but pink shirts will attract a lot of attention from interested women. Wearing pink, men show confidence and fearlessness in front of public opinion. However, you should choose a light pink color.

5. Leather jacket

Leather jackets are said to be classic, but really bold attire in men’s wardrobes. Leather clothing enhances the wearer’s style, making a man feel more confident.

If you choose a good leather jacket, you can create a cool “bad boy” look or become a fashionista. The main advantage of leather jackets is that they always look good no matter what.

6. Fashionable watches

Men's outfits that make women 'melt' - 2

Watches are the only accessory any man should wear every day. You can even create a small collection and match different watches to clothes according to your occasion and style.

Women confess that the more elegant and simple men’s watches, the better.

7. Sports clothing

Women are really impressed when men walk in sportswear. Simply put, both men and women love active people who are confident, open-minded, and easy to talk to.

The best sportswear is one that you feel really comfortable with, both physically and mentally.

8. Tight jeans

Any man needs a perfect pair of jeans in his closet. A pair of black or blue jeans would be the right choice.

9. Shoes

Men's outfits that make women 'melt' - 4

Many people believe that the eyes are a mirror that reflects the soul. If that’s the case, then your shoes are the mirror of your style. Nothing looks more stylish than a classic pair of shoes with a suit or a casual shoe paired with nice jeans and a shirt.

Based on the condition of your shoes, women can gather some information about your personality. Women also pay attention to the suitability of wearing certain types of shoes on different occasions. Stylish turtleneck shoes are a must and must invest.

Thanh Thanh (According to Brightside)


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