Memorable Christmas in Cat Tuong urban area Western Pearl 2

Inspired by the intention of gratitude, the concert “Christmas – Red Love” is part of a series of events “Colorful rhythm” carried out by Cat Tuong Group at Christmas and before the New Year as a gift. God sends the inhabitants to make the year 2021 brighter. Series of events are held in provinces where there are urban areas invested by businesses.

Opening the program “Christmas – Red love”, inspired by the brand symbol Cat Tuong Group – luck and joy. Residents in the Western Pearl 2 urban area of ​​Cat Tuong (Hau Giang) immerse themselves in a large-scale music night, combining music and technology, unique artistic performances.

The program also impressed the residents of Vi Thanh city (Hau Giang) thanks to the eye-catching design stage, where the convergence of professional sound and colorful light contributes to the night city. modern congress.

The highlight of the program is the appearance of a series of popular music stars such as Duy Andy, Chung Thanh Duy, Phat Ho, Kieu Oanh, DJ Nguyen Nhac … with Moc Band bands, dance groups. 218 Dance Crew, Joker Kids.

The concert night also brings viewers creative dance performances under shimmering light (led dance) and EDM exciting electronic music for young people.

Anh Thanh Thai (Hau Giang) said that this monumental event not only paints a colorful picture for the city at the end of the year, but also leaves many indelible residues in the hearts of local residents because of things. especially.

Ms. Lan Huong shared that she invested in the Cat Tuong Western Pearl project from 2019 and recently she also bought 2 plots of land in the Ben Thanh Pearl Commercial Quadrangle that was just opened for sale. She regularly monitors the information of this project and is known for the Christmas Eve. She was quite surprised about the grandeur and professionalism of the night after seeing it with her own eyes. This partly helps her realize the great potential of the project and make the right investment decision.

In the turn of time to welcome the new year, Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to look back on the efforts made together in a difficult year due to Covid-19. The “Colorful Rhythm of Life” music festival is like a gratitude gift that Cat Tuong Group wants to send to the community in order to spread positive energy to welcome new beginnings.

Following the success of the program “Christmas – Red Love” at Cat Tuong Western Pearl 2 (Hau Giang), Cat Tuong Group continues to spread the “Colorful lifestyle” to the ecological urban area of ​​Cat Tuong Phu Sinh ( Long An) with the message “Merry Christmas – Green” on December 24th and the busy commercial complex of Cat Tuong Phu Hung (Binh Phuoc) on December 31st with the theme “Spring night – Bung multi sharp”.

Modern theater, sound and light make up the artistic repertoire of “Christmas – Red Love”. Image: Cat Tuong Group.

The representative of Cat Tuong Group said that with his constant enthusiasm and efforts, the investor expected to convey a meaningful message through the concert series. The event also contributes to affirm the business philosophy that must be attached to serving the society of Cat Tuong Group which has been carried out throughout the past 10 years.

Previously, Cat Tuong Group also carried out many welfare and charity programs such as the Peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival – Happiness Giving Happiness, supported the Love Leaf pair program to help poor students with studious and lonely elderly. and difficult circumstances, ..

Not only joining hands to implement the program for the community, in 2020, Cat Tuong Group also won a series of awards. Western Pearl Cat Tuong project (Hau Giang) consecutively received the award “Real estate project worth living in 2020” from VCCI (Business Forum Magazine) and “The best land-based real estate project in Southeast Asia. Asia 2020 “at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 (Southeast Asia Property Awards 2020) in December 2020.

Cat Tuong Phu Hung project (Binh Phuoc) also received the award “Outstanding public infrastructure project 2020” by the Journal Investment bridge Awarded. As an investor and developer of the project, Cat Tuong Group was also honored as “The breakthrough real estate developer in Southeast Asia 2020” at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2020 and “Developer typical urban area development by 2020 “from the Journal Investment bridge.

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