Melancholic, burlesque, invigorating… Cinema releases on May 4

Passengers of the night ***

by Mikhaël Hers

French film, 1 h 51

Mikhaël Hers takes us back to the 1980s in the footsteps of a woman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is trying to rebuild herself after a divorce. A skin-deep and melancholic film that makes Paris, filmed at night and in the early morning, a setting in tune with the feelings of its characters.

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Limbo **

by Ben Sharrock

British film, 1:44

This desperately humorous film follows the daily life of refugees awaiting asylum on a lost island in Scotland and dares to deal with the subject of the migration crisis with laughter.

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Warsaw 83, a matter of state **

by Jan P. Matuszynski

Polish film, 2 h 40

This very feature film, with contemporary accents, dissects the murder of a young man, at the time of Jaruzelski, which will lead to the assassination of Father Popieluszko.

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Miss Marx**

by Susanna Nicchiarelli

Italian film, 1 h 47

After a biopic of the singer Nico, the Italian director Susanna Nicchiarelli seizes that of Eleanor Marx, activist who deserves this spotlight.

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Little love lesson *

by Eve Deboise

Franco-Swiss film, 1 h 27

In this comedy, the improbable duo formed by Lætitia Dosch and Pierre Deladonchamps works perfectly, but the film is based on a dubious comic spring: a student announces in a love letter to her teacher that she will kill herself at dawn if this last does not join it. While the suicide of teenagers and young adults is a real public health problem, the subject is at the very least awkward, not to say particularly disturbing in a comedy.

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He buco**

by Michelangelo Frammartino

Italian film, 1 h 33

Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, this contemplative film explores one of the deepest chasms in the world, close to Calabrian mountain shepherds.

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