Meet the deceased wife again thanks to virtual reality technology

South KoreaFour years since his wife’s death, Kim Jung-soo’s greatest wish is to “see even the shadow of his wife again”.

A technology company has decided to help Kim, 51, satisfy this wish. Over the course of six months, they used virtual reality (VR) technology to reproduce the various movements, interactions and voices of Mr. Kim’s wife and use the voice of an actor while ensuring that “resembles Kim’s wife voice as best as possible.

The “reunion” of Mr. Kim and his deceased wife through virtual reality technology. Image: MBC.

Initially, the idea was opposed by all five of Kim’s children because they did not want to recall the memories of their deceased mother, and was “overly heartbroken”. The eldest daughter, Kim Jong-bin, said that the children just want to try to live a happy life after their mother’s death. But then they support him. “That was my father’s last wish,” said Jong-bin, “That’s why we decided to let him see his mother again.”

Kim’s other daughter – Jong-yun – shared that she agreed to let her father join the show because she missed how much she loved her mother. “Dad kisses mom while working, eating or watching TV,” recalls her daughter. “Even when my mom got sick and lost her hair, my dad still said she was beautiful. He took her everywhere.”

Kim said he understood why the children felt that way at first, when he came up with the idea of ​​”seeing” his deceased wife again. However, he was able to convince them, expressing how much he really wanted to see his wife again. On January 11, four years after his wife passed away, Mr. Kim was able to see her again.

Mr. Kim's wife's days in hospital.  Photo: MBC.

Mr. Kim’s wife’s days in hospital. Image: MBC.

In a video broadcast on MBC television, Mr. Kim entered the virtual house and met his wife again. When his wife appeared, he cried. Seemingly emotional overflowing, Mr. Kim chokedly asked his wife: “Are you still in pain?”.

His children watching the meeting from an outside large screen also cried.

This is not the first time the production team has performed such an “role-playing” challenge for someone who wants to reunite with a deceased relative. Last year, a reunion between a mother and her daughter, who died from a blood disease, also took place through VR.

Thuy Linh (According to Asianone)


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