Mediterranean fires almost in Athens – explosions near the Greek capital

It just doesn’t stop: the fire continues in Greece. Now the hell of flames has reached the capital Athens.

Violent firestorms and other wildfires developed on Friday morning, as the Greek state television reported. Along the central highway in Greece from Athens to Thessaloniki in the north, a number of warehouses and industrial plants caught fire, and numerous explosions occurred.

Thick billows of smoke covered the sky of Athens. They came from fires in the northern outskirts of the capital.

A hazy bell of smoke hangs over AthensPhoto: imago images / ANE Edition

In the north of Athens, the power goes out more and more often.

The state network operator announced on Friday afternoon that it would take individual parts of Athens temporarily and as planned from the network in order to be able to maintain the supply as a whole.

The Greek government sent warning text messages to the residents of Malakasa and Sfendali to leave the area. The evacuation has also been announced for the town of Oropos further north. The affected region is around 25 kilometers from the Greek capital.

Volunteers also support the fire brigade in the desperate fight against the flames

Volunteers also support the fire brigade in the desperate fight against the flamesPhoto: Marios Lolos / dpa

“We have to fight dozens of forest fires. Three of them – in Athens, the Peloponnese and Euboea – are enormous, ”said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a speech on state television.

He warned of an “unprecedented state of affairs because the past days of heat and drought have turned the country into a powder keg”. Therefore, people are not allowed to visit forests until at least Monday.

Map: Devastating forest fires on the Mediterranean - Infographic

In Greece, temperatures over 40 degrees and hurricane gusts threaten to fuel the forest fires that have been going on for days.

Thousands of residents left their homes. Hundreds of firefighters and fire engines tried to protect the nearby town of Marathon from the flames that raged along the central highway from Athens to the north of the country.


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