Medicine: Siamese twins (1) separated in Israel – we can finally see each other!

They have been in the world for a year – but only now have the twins met each other’s eyes for the very first time.

In an extremely complicated and rare operation, a team of Israeli doctors managed to separate two Siamese twins from one another. The back of the heads of the two girls had grown together.

The 12-hour operation took place last Thursday in the Soroka University Hospital in Be’er Scheva (110km south of Tel Aviv). Dr. Mickey Gideon, the head of neurosurgery, explained after the operation: “This is a very rare operation that has only taken place around 20 times worldwide. It was the first such operation on one-year-old babies in Israel. ”According to Gideon, the next few days will be crucial for the twins’ recovery.

The girls, whose names were not disclosed, have been treated by the doctors in Beersheba since they were born. Using various technical aids (including 3D modeling and VR simulations), the surgeons prepared meticulously and carried out trial operations.

After separating blood vessels and skulls – and thus the twins – in the real operation, the team split into two operating rooms to treat the skulls and close the skin on the back of the girls’ heads.

Hospital Director Dr. Shlomo Kodesh after the successful operation: “I am very proud of our teams and all the specialists who were involved in this challenging and complex event. I wish the twins a complete healing. “

According to a survey by the University of Davis in California (2020), twins that have grown together on the head (craniopagus twins) occur in only one in 2.5 million births.


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