Medical officer on closed clinic: admission freeze was last chance

Berlin – So far, at least 20 people in the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin-Reinickendorf have the more contagious coronavirus variant B.1.1.7 has been proven. After the admission freeze that was then initiated at the clinic, the responsible medical officer justified the step with the increasingly confusing situation.

It has become increasingly clear that few other cases in which the virus variant B.1.1.7 first described in Great Britain was discovered are related to the hospital outbreak, said Reinickendorf’s medical officer Patrick Larscheid on Monday at Radioeins. “It started to fray a bit.”

Patrick Larscheid is the medical officer for the Reinickendorf district of BerlinPhoto: dpa

In addition, there were very strong indications that the events in the Humboldt Clinic may have already spread more widely. It was no longer clear whether it was an outbreak or parallel outbreaks.

It quickly became clear to those involved that there was no other chance than stopping admission, “if we still want to save something,” explained Larscheid. Nevertheless, everyone is aware that it is a very painful step. How exactly the virus mutation got into the clinic is still unclear – several hypotheses are being pursued, the medical officer described.

In the course of intensified investigations with regard to the feared spread of Corona variants, also in this country, evidence of B.1.1.7 became known in the Vivantes Clinic in the middle of last week.

The number of those affected gradually increased to 20. According to Vivantes, 14 patients and six employees in an internal medicine and cardiology ward are affected.

According to BILD information, there were 50 new corona cases in the first series of smears – however, it is not yet clear how many of them contain the mutated virus.

It is not the first evidence of the variant in Berlin – it is striking, however, that no connections to trips to Great Britain could be reconstructed.

Statistics: Covid-19 patients in intensive care beds - infographic

The admission stop has been in effect since Saturday night. Emergencies are taken to other hospitals. According to information from the weekend, around 400 people are being treated at the clinic. The 1700 employees are under what is known as commuting quarantine: they are only allowed to travel between their home and the clinic.


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