Medical Association demands: Vaccination offers in the hospitals

Stuttgart – According to the Marburger Bund Doctors’ Association, nurses and doctors in hospitals should be offered a corona vaccination at their place of work.

“The employees in the clinics, regardless of whether they are doctors, nurses or cleaning staff, mostly have to take care of vaccination appointments themselves,” criticized the Baden-Württemberg regional association in Freiburg on Wednesday. The appointments are mostly fully booked, and there is still a lack of vaccine.

The politicians’ vaccination appeal would come to nothing if there was no low-threshold access to the vaccine. “We call on the state to offer additional vaccination offers on site in the clinics in order to vaccinate the clinic staff quickly and easily,” said the second state chairman of the Marburg Federation, Jörg Woll.

In order to increase the vaccination rate and avoid waiting times, the large vaccination centers, which were actually closed at the end of September, would also have to be reopened.

“In our experience, the current vaccination offers in the country are far from sufficient to get an appointment for a vaccination in a timely manner”, criticized the association chairman Sylvia Ottmüller. “This applies to both initial vaccinations and booster vaccinations.” Closing the vaccination centers was myopic and a mistake.

“There is no avoiding the reopening of the vaccination centers.”

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