Meals at home during the quarantine

In the days of separation, no longer eating at restaurants or eating out, many people spend time in the kitchen and cook simple but nutritious meals for their families.

The time of fighting Covid-19 has changed the eating habits of most of us. In the past, many people bought ready-to-eat food for breakfast, ordered lunch at the office, went out to eat with colleagues or friends in the evening, and on weekends the whole family went out to eat together…. Now, for many families, all meals of the day are cooked at home. This is also a time for each person to be close to their family and take care of their home.

To ensure anti-epidemic, family meals also have certain changes. Phuong Nhu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City began to divide each family member with a separate plate of rice with full food, do not use common bowls of soup or fish sauce so that if there is any F0 member, it will limit the spread of the virus. infect other members. “The form of food is different from before, but the nutrition is still the same as before, even more micronutrients are added to ensure health against the epidemic,” said Ms. Nhu.

In these days of social distancing, cooking for the whole family is a joy for many people. Illustration: Shutterstock

Hoang Trang, an accountant working in District 3 previously rarely went to the kitchen to cook, if she did, she just helped her mother do some chores like chopping vegetables and cleaning dishes. Since the city’s distance according to directive 16, Trang has been in the kitchen almost every day to cook for the whole family. She also found more recipes on the internet to make new dishes for the whole family.

Trang believes that cooking is also a way to relax. She feels comfortable and happy to be the “chef” in her kitchen. ” Trang thinks cooking is quite simple, if you have passion and especially with the support of modern kitchen equipment,” Trang shared.

The young girl boasted that she was very clumsy before, but after three months of working from home and hard cooking, she was able to make dozens of dishes, especially grilled dishes such as BBQ ribs, bread, egg tarts, or grilled meat. baked goods with cheese.

According to Trang, in order to have delicious and easy-to-make grilled meat or cakes, her family has been able to bring home a convenient, non-stick, stainless steel built-in oven and microwave. “Whether it’s heating food or baking food, just choose the right mode, adjust the right temperature and time, and you’ll have delicious food right away,” Trang said. This is the “divine oven” that has helped Trang make baked goods “the whole family loves”.

Built-in oven HO-8T72A Series 800, bringing the most modern features to the Vietnamese kitchen.  Photo: Häfele

Built-in oven HO-8T72A Series 800, bringing the most modern features to the Vietnamese kitchen. Photo: Häfele

Cooking is not only exciting for women, many men are also excited about this meticulous job. Minh Hoang, an employee of a bank in District 5 is a guy who loves to cook. Working early to return late, but whenever there is free time or weekends, Hoang “rolls into the kitchen”.

“Hoang has been passionate about cooking since he was a child, so spacing out is a really suitable time for him to show off his talents with the whole family. But without the help of smart kitchen appliances such as induction cookers, hoods, and built-in ovens. , oil-free fryer and other small machines such as blenders, hand-held egg beaters… Hoang must have struggled too,” Hoang said. These devices help him cook much faster and more delicious, along with the joy and comfort of being in the kitchen.

The meals were warmly received by the whole family, making the bank employee very happy. He plans to end the distance and still continue to cook at home so that the meals are more satisfying, nutritious, hygienic and cost-effective.

In the days of separation, nothing is more precious than having a peaceful family together. Working together in the kitchen and having dinner at home helps family members become closer and more optimistic to overcome difficult times together.

A modern kitchen with smart appliances will help shorten cooking time as well as make food more delicious.  Artwork: Häfele

A modern kitchen with smart appliances will help shorten cooking time as well as make food more delicious. Illustration: Häfele

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