McGregor’s teammates believe Madman will defeat Poirier, UFC Queen hits like a machine

Saturday, May 29, 2021 13:08 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Lobov, McGregor’s training partner, believes that “The Madman” will defeat Poirier in the next 3 meeting.

McGregor’s teammates believe “Mad guy” will defeat Poirier

Conor McGregor will face Dustin Poirier for the third time at the UFC 264 event in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) on July 10. At the last meeting in January, Poirier knocked out the “Crazy Man” knock-out in the second half to equalize the 1-1 confrontation record.

McGregor is about to rematch Poirier

Currently, McGregor is training with Artem Lobov, the boxer nicknamed “The sledgehammer”, under the guidance of coach John Kavanagh. When asked to predict the upcoming match, Lobov believes that “The Madman” will defeat Poirier.

Lobov analyzed: “McGregor is a very smart fighter. I just feel that he looked down on his opponent in the last match. Not only that, he’s more like a boxer that forgets about MMA kicks. But I think now that McGregor gets into the fight, he’ll know what’s going on.

McGregor’s entire focus is on this fight. He studied Poirier, he looked at what the problem was in the second war. Nothing stops him. So I think McGregor will tackle Poirier early in the first round, maybe the second round.”

“UFC Queen” actively practices

Recently, on Instagram with 2.8 million followers, Paige VanZant shared a training video to prepare for the encounter with Rachael Ostovich in her second match at the Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), the sport. Bare-handed boxing, on July 23 here. The video shows that the female boxer throws machine-like punches and dodges with great flexibility.

VanZant is actively practicing

In the debut match of BKFC, VanZant had to receive defeat by scoring against England Hart in February. Before moving to BKFC, the American female boxer used to have more than 7 years of fighting for UFC, the largest martial arts tournament in the world. VanZant is known as one of the sexiest female boxers on the planet thanks to her beautiful face and hot body.

McGregor's teammates believe "Crazy guy"  will defeat Poirier,

McGregor's teammates believe "Crazy guy"  will defeat Poirier, the

Jon Jones Challenges UFC Heavyweight Champion

ESPN journalist Marc Raimondi reports that Richard Schaefer, the new mentor of former UFC welterweight champion Jon Jones, is getting closer to reaching an agreement with UFC president Dana White over a fight with the heavyweight champion. UFC Francis Ngannou.

McGregor's teammates believe "Crazy guy"  will defeat Poirier,

Jon Jones

Jones has successfully defended his UFC heavyweight belt 11 times and the American boxer wants to try his hand at a higher weight class. Meanwhile, Ngannou officially became the UFC heavyweight champion this past March after defeating Stipe Miocic at UFC 260.

However, Dana White said Ngannou will still have to face Derrick Lewis in his first title defense match in August. Therefore, the fight between Jones and Ngannou will only take place next year.


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