McGregor was knocked out painfully, the ranking dropped dramatically to female boxers

Friday, January 29, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) From a top UFC star, after losing to American boxers, McGregor has dropped dramatically.

Video McGregor lost to Poirier:

Before attending UFC 257 on January 25 in the UAE, Conor McGregor has lost 4 matches since playing professionally, but never once so miserably.

Dustin Poirier, defeated general of “Crazy Guy” McGregor in 2014, has “transformed” into a dangerous opponent, with many high-damage fingers. As a result, McGregor was knocked out by the opponent, which was the first time “The Crazy Guy” lost this way.

McGregor (left) was knocked out by his opponent at UFC 257 for the first time

Losing the game, McGregor still received a much more generous bonus than his American rival, Poiries, but his ranking dropped dramatically. From the position of the top star of the world’s largest MMA arena, the reputation of the 32-year-old puncher has dropped.

The winner, Poirier climbed to 10th on the rankings, while McGregor fell to 15th. It is worth mentioning that in the Top 10 UFC boxers, there are 2 female fighters Valentina Shevchenko (7th) and Amanda Nunes (3rd) , the reputation and talent of McGregor are being judged to lose to female colleagues.

The chances of fighting Khabib and Pacquiao decreased, but SunSport said that the rematch negotiations between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are still underway. Event organizers in Saudi Arabia also suggest the match takes place on a luxury super yacht, or on a cruise ship if the number of viewers is large.

McGregor was knocked out painfully, the rank fell dramatically to female boxers - 3

McGregor’s reputation (right) plummeted

McGregor was knocked out painfully, the ranking dropped dramatically to female boxers - 4

Top 10 best boxers in the UFC without the name “Crazy Guy”

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McGregor was punched

(Sports news, martial arts news) McGregor was knocked out by an MMA opponent with a punch for the first time, which made Mayweather …


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