Mayweather was rich and still lucky: watching the boxing match, money fell on the head

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 19:47 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Get richer, richer. Floyd Mayweather, after watching the boxing match, brought home another 500 million dong.

There is a saying “water flowing in the basin” and this is very true with Floyd Mayweather, the first martial artist in the world to own a fortune of more than 1 billion dollars. Having a huge fortune, “Lonely and defeated” uses money to satisfy his hobby of collecting super cars, private planes, villas … but his fortune is still growing thanks to the puncher’s money-making talent. this through advertising, social networks and business.

Mayweather has an additional 500 million dong thanks to her prediction

Not only that, Mayweather often gets lucky with professional betting decisions. At the Boxing match last weekend, between Teofimo Lopez meeting the famous boxer Vasyl Lomachenko, most fans put their faith in Lomachenko’s victory, but Mayweather “set the door” on the opposite.

And what few predicted happened, Lopez beat Lomachenko and of course Mayweather won the bet. “Lonely and defeated” Americans have made up to 20,150 USD (about 500 million VND) by placing a bet on Teofimo Lopez junior.

Being richer and richer, Mayweather really makes people jealous of his “lucky number”. Before that, Mayweather also won a lot of money, once he earned $ 400,000 after a reasonable “down hand” decision at a sporting event.

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Joshua was

(Sports news, martial arts news) All the world seems to want “King” Joshua to fall.


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