Mayweather officially announced his girlfriend: Beautiful and fiery strippers

Thursday, February 25, 2021 19:07 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The girl who was a stripper for the first time was publicly introduced by Mayweather to her friends.

A couple of jobs, at the 44th birthday party on 24/2, Floyd Mayweather publicly introduced her new girlfriend to relatives and friends. “Lonely and defeated” Boxing introduced his girlfriend Anna Monroe as “the princess of his life”.

Mayweather at 44th birthday party and 29-year-old girlfriend, Monroe

Before that, Mayweather officially dated Anna Monroe, a stripper at the Girls Collection club (he is the owner) since early 2021. There are many beautiful people appearing at the party, but the owner the fun, Mayweather, only spent the most romantic gazes for hot girlfriend Monroe.

A friend of Mayweather revealed to SunSport: “Floyd introduced Anna to all of her friends. He really introduced her and Anna is proud to be with Floyd at the party. Their relationship is growing. becoming more serious. The couple’s affection is being pushed to new heights after this introduction “.

Anna, a girl working as a stripper at Floyd’s Girl Collection nightclub, shares her best pictures on her boyfriend’s birthday party personal page.

Along with her famous guests, Monroe and other beautiful guests lit up the fun with gorgeous but equally sexy outfits.

According to SunSport, Mayweather had previously made a photo call to Anna’s family in the UK on New Year’s Day to announce their relationship. Monroe’s family was quite worried about her daughter, because “Lonely and defeated” had loved many girls and had been imprisoned for assaulting her ex-girlfriend.

Mayweather officially announced his girlfriend: Beautiful and fiery strippers - 2

Mayweather is proud of her new girlfriend

Mayweather officially announced his girlfriend: Beautiful fiery stripper - 3

29-year-old girl has a sexy beauty

Mayweather officially announced his girlfriend: Beautiful and fiery strippers - 4

Her family doesn’t seem to really like Mayweather

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