Mayweather made 100 million dollars and returned to the lap of a stripper

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 16:13 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) After days of separation, Mayweather and his fiancée are happy to see each other again.

A month ago, the world media simultaneously published information about Floyd Mayweather “directing” his girlfriend to leave the mansion worth $ 8 million in Miami (USA). Immediately, the audience said that Mayweather “could be bored quickly”, wanted to “get rid of” his fiancée (engaged) to find joy with other women, like the way he used to do with many beautiful people.

Anna Monroe was the first person Mayweather met after completing the fight with Paul on June 6 (US time).

But those are just bad rumors, because the story of Mayweather inviting his girlfriend out of the villa to focus on training towards the June 6 match with Logan Paul is true. Immediately after the match ended with an inconclusive result, according to The Sun (UK), the 44-year-old boxer “reunited” with the beautiful stripper Anna Monroe.

A source close to The Sun told The Sun, that the couple is currently enjoying a vacation and they could get married later this year. “Anna was one of the first people Floyd met after the game. It’s been a few weeks since they’ve been apart, and now the couple is very close. They’re looking forward to a long vacation where they plan their wedding. myself,” the source told The Sun.

So what Mayweather said is true. Before going on the stage, the women he loves the most will not be by his side and there is no such thing as “Lonely and defeated” wanting to part with Monroe.

“A lot of people think their relationship broke down after he (Floyd) asked Anna to leave the villa. This is true, they are very happy. Floyd has his own principles, he wants to focus all the time on the match,” the source concluded.

For the first time to let the opponent hold a draw in a match, but Mayweather still had another $100 million “run” into his account. Before. The 44-year-old boxer claims he owns a total asset of $ 1.25 billion and is currently holding $ 1.35 billion.


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