Massacre in Oslo and on Utøya (77 dead): mass murderer Breivik wants to get out of jail

Oslo – He mercilessly killed, shot 77 people, injured several hundred – an incredible rampage that Anders Behring Breivik started in Oslo (eight dead) and continued on the holiday island of Utøya. There he shot and killed 69 young people who were participants in a tent camp.

He has been behind bars since August 2012 and has been sentenced to the maximum possible sentence of 21 years in prison – with the possibility of subsequent preventive detention.

But now the mass murderer wants to get out of jail!

Background: After ten years in prison, anyone convicted in Norway can apply for the remaining ten years to be commuted to a suspended sentence.

Breivik’s lawyer Øystein Storrvik therefore submitted a corresponding application in spring 2021. The public prosecutor’s office rejected the application. Prosecutor Hulda Karlsdottir told the newspaper “VG”: “We have checked whether a release from prison is possible, but there is a risk of repetition.”

However, according to Norwegian law, a court must now comment on it.

The massacre

On the afternoon of July 22, 2011, the bloody horror began in the government district of Oslo: Breivik set off a car bomb. Eight people died and several buildings were damaged.

Injuries, rubble and chaos after the bomb explosion in Oslo Photo: REUTERS

Disguised as a police officer, he then crossed over to the island of Utøya, where the social democratic youth organization organizes an annual tent camp. Anders Behring Breivik fired at his victims for more than an hour, killing indiscriminately.

The right-wing extremist killer claims to want to defend Norway against Islam and “cultural Marxism” as a motive. He rejects multiculturalism and wanted to hit the ruling Social Democrats “as hard as possible”, as they had made a major contribution to the “mass imports of Muslims” to Norway.

Now the man (now 42), who became a mass murderer and plunged the country into a national trauma, wants to live in freedom again.

Decision in late winter

The Telemark District Court will make a decision in late winter. It was chosen because Breivik is in a prison in the Telemark area and the judicial review date will take place in the prison. The court is expected to hear both sides for three days.

Although Breivik has “only” been sentenced to 21 years in prison, it is doubtful whether he will ever be able to leave prison. As long as there is a risk of recurrence, the public prosecutor’s office can oppose a release. (raa)


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