Mass rapid tests for the school restart of the final classes – only a few corona cases among Saxony’s students and teachers

Dresden – On Monday After one month of compulsory break in Saxony’s schools, the 643 final classes started classroom teaching again. But before the alternate model started in the classrooms, around 50,000 students and teachers were able to have themselves tested for Corona free of charge using an anti-gene rapid test.

According to the Saxon Ministry of Culture (SMK), around 16,000 people took advantage of the offer. The number of those who tested positive was “very low”.

Then 12,190 students (38 percent) had themselves tested. The test was positive 23 times. That is 0.19 percent of the students tested. The tests also showed low numbers of infections among the teachers. Eight people out of 3,745 teachers have tested positive. According to the SMK, this corresponds to an infection rate of 0.21 percent.

“Of course, I would have liked to have taken more voluntary tests. But the high number of almost 16,000 people tested still provides a good picture for schools. The infection rate found is pleasantly low, ”said Minister of Education Christian Piwarz (45, CDU).

Last but not least, it is also justified that the pupils can prepare for their final exams in face-to-face classes in compliance with strict hygiene rules at the schools.

The results of this series of tests are now to be evaluated in the run-up to the reopening of the schools in February.


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