Masks, gloves – Corona garbage is a “ticking plastic bomb”

Disposable masks, gloves – what protects us from Corona is often carelessly thrown away. But strictly speaking there is no such thing as “throwing away”. The garbage doesn’t go away, it has to go somewhere – and it ends up in our environment far too often. With dire consequences for the animals …

According to “studyfinds”, scientists from Leiden (Netherlands) call this a “ticking plastic bomb”. When they found a dead perch in a latex glove, they started investigating. From numerous reports from many countries it can be said that animals suffer in many ways.

A dead perch in the thumb of a latex glovePhoto: Auke-Florian Hiemstra

The biologists Auke-Florian Hiemstra from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Liselotte Rambonnet from the Leiden University collect the information and can already say that many birds get tangled in the straps of the masks (always cut the straps before throwing them away!) – but also hedgehogs, Seagulls, crabs and even bats. There are reports of monkeys eating masks and a penguin with a mask in its stomach has also been found. Dogs in particular are at risk.

“Animals get weak when they become entangled or starve because they have plastic in their stomachs,” says Liselotte Rambonnet. The garbage masks are already installed in their nests by birds.

Sad images that could be prevented with a little more mindfulness.

Gloves and masks were built into this nest

Birds have installed gloves and masks in this nestPhoto: Auke-Florian Hiemstra


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