Masked person triggers a large-scale operation: man threatens young mother with a gun

Bremen – What a horror scenario …

Around 1:15 p.m. on Monday lunchtime, a 30-year-old woman was walking with her baby through the new town. In On Grosse Johannisstrasse she met a man with an orange balaclava and a black gun in his hand and stared at the woman.

The man then turned away, pulled the trigger without firing a shot and walked away in the direction of Langemarckstrasse.

The frightened woman then immediately alerted the police, who were looking for the suspect with a large contingent.

Special forces put the man close to the crime scene. The police found and confiscated cannabis, a knife and an airsoft gun from the 20-year-old man.

Since a mental illness could not be ruled out, the assessment was carried out by the crisis service and a threat was addressed.

A criminal complaint awaits him because of the disturbance of the public peace through the threat of criminal offenses, threats and violations of the weapons and narcotics law.

▶ Fake weapons can often hardly be distinguished from real ones. The consequences are costly police operations, often with special forces, which fortunately usually end well. However, there have already been injuries throughout Germany during such police operations.

In particular, if a weapon is aimed specifically at people and a danger to the lives of citizens or emergency services can be assumed, this can, in the worst case, lead to a fire being fired by the emergency services.


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