Martial artists who were punched flying off the ring were still crawling upstream and jerking 3 championships

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 16:12 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) A boxer has a class “upstream” after being punched off the ring by his opponent.

Video of the back-flow of the boxing championship belt of three boxing championships of boxer Foley:

The boxing match for three super-light championships between two Australian punchers, Darragh Foley and Ty Telford taking place over the weekend is described as: “The match of the century”. One of the reasons for the game to be noticed was Telford’s punching opponents off the ring.

Foley, who was punched in pain, did not give up

The situation took place in the 8th half, Foley received a “heavenly” punch and fell off the ring. While the fans thought that the competition was over, Foley still struggled to get up, now the bell rang the eighth round, the 32-year-old boxer had a precious break.

After a painful defeat, Foley was like awakening, a certain potential strength helped him to play sublimation, dominated in the 9th and 10th half. Ended 10 rounds of 3-belt match. Winners were WBA, IBF, IBO of Asia, Pacific, Foley won with scores (95-94, 93-96, 97-93) from the referees.

An emotional “upstream” performance from the 32-year-old puncher made the audience extremely happy, they stood up to praise Foley and did not forget to thank Telford, the puncher who played very well in the first 8 innings. .

With a 19-year victory in his career, Darragh Foley (32 years old) won 3 super-light championships, and Ty Telford (23 years old) had to receive his second defeat in his career (he played 7 matches before, won 6 ).

The boxer who was punched flying off the ring was still crawling up

Brave 32-year-old boxer won 3 championships

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