Marseille is crumbling under the trash on the 13th day of the garbage collectors’ strike

The sidewalks are covered with garbage cans and garbage continues to accumulate in certain districts of Marseille, at 13e day of strike by garbage collectors working in three districts of the city, as shown in the video below.

Faced with this situation, CRS were deployed in front of a blocked warehouse on the evening of Monday, December 28 because the employees refused the requisition for health reasons.

According to the Bouches-du-Rhône police headquarters, “ more than 900 tonnes of waste could not be collected »Since the start of this movement, particularly in the historic Panier district, in the heart of Marseille, and in the working-class districts to the north of the Marseille city. Mission: space garbage truck

The tension escalated when the CRS were deployed outside a warehouse to ” secure the exit of the skips from this site in order to avoid any obstacle “, Explained the police headquarters of Bouches-du-Rhône.

“Tomorrow morning, they will take temporary workers to get the trucks out, but it is an obstacle to the strike,” reacted one of the strikers.

Charges of harassment

While waiting for the situation to unblock and for the garbage collectors of Polyceo, a subsidiary of Derichebourg, to resume work in these 2e, 15e and 16e districts where they are responsible for the treatment of garbage, the metropolis had announced the deposit of eight dumpsters by Tuesday, December 29, in the most affected sectors, ” so that residents are no longer forced to throw their garbage cans on the public road “.

And penalties for lack of minimum service are applied in Derichebourg, at the rate of 1,500 euros per day.

Benoît Payan’s “hold-up” against Michèle Rubirola

Among the 220 employees of Derichebourg-Polyceo, on strike since December 17, the demands are clear: to obtain the “transfers” of the director of the company’s Marseille site and of his deputy, whom they accuse of “harassment”, as well. that the hiring of an interim canceled at the last moment.

The situation is still at the same point, the activity is at zero, even if they tried to play the requisition card », Assured Monday, December 28 Lionel Martini, FO union delegate of the Marseille site of the company.

Legacy of the “finished party”

It is impossible to requisition employees from the private sector, even if they exercise a public service mission “, He argued, announcing an appeal for interim relief against this decree before the administrative court of Marseille.

“We cannot resume with a direction with which we work with fear in the stomach. Layoffs are just a formality for them, but it is the destruction of a life for others ”, explains this union representative.

Denouncing ” an irrational movement “, Thomas Derichebourg, president of Derichebourg Environnement, of which Polyceo is a subsidiary, refuses to give in to the” ultimatum “of the strikers:

“This is the first time that I am asked for the head of a leader by way of strike and press”, he rebelled.“I would just like us to have the normal functioning of a normal business”, concluded Thomas Derichebourg.Why sorting waste is not such an ecological gesture

There is a desire among some to take control of the company “, Accused Emmanuel Brun, general manager of Poly-Environment, the parent company of Polyceo.

He also rejected criticism that Marseille’s leaders act in ” dictators “, Stating in particular that the employees of the company operating on the Marseille perimeter” worked on average only 53% of official working time – a legacy of the “finished party”, this system in place locally where agents could leave their posts once their work is officially done.

But among the strikers, Monday evening, on the company’s site, in the 15e arrondissement of Marseille, we challenged ” misleading figures, which do not take into account the arduousness “:” This system of finished-gone, it dates from 1953 and Gaston Defferre », Recalls Lionel Martini.

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