Marriage is the ‘right person, at the right time’?

There are beautiful loves, which last for many years but do not lead to a wedding. So, is it true that marriage is just “the right person, at the right time”?

Famous Chinese actor Trinh Khai recently announced his marriage to a girl named Miao Miao. The wedding took place quickly, the couple said they were about to welcome their first child.

Actor Trinh Khai and fiancee Mieu Mieu. Image: Sina.

Witnessing Trinh Khai’s happiness, public opinion was quite surprised by the object that Trinh Khai married was not Trinh Hieu Nguyet, the girl who has been with him for the past 5 years. The fact that Trinh Khai broke up with someone who had been with him for many years to marry another girl sparked a controversy on social networks: Marriage should be based on a strong relationship or “the right person, at the right time. “?

Back to the case of Trinh Khai. He and his girlfriend Trinh Hieu Nguyet had a period of sticking with the ball. Their relationship is supported and cultivated by the families of both sides. Trinh Khai once made many people admire when he expressed his sincere feelings for his lover and wished to build a home with her. But after 5 years, they broke up, Trinh Khai married someone else.

Is meeting the “right person, at the right time” more important than love? Or, marriage and love, aren’t always the same?

Marriage is a complement and a common direction

Everyone has a youthful love passion, passionately wants to give and receive. But that is love. Marriage is different, it is the beginning of a life of great responsibilities.

Not all marriages are the same, but the common trait requires certain reconciliation to “accept” each other. Human nature is selfish, each of us has a tendency to use our standards to measure others. Whether one person decides to marry the other or not, in fact, depends on what is called “complementarity”. To some extent, this makes it easier for both sides to experience the measurement, creating a feeling defined as “this is the object itself”.

This is also the comment of Do Giang – close friend Trinh Khai, when he was asked if Trinh Khai is suitable for this marriage: “Actually, his personality is suitable for marriage or not. The key is to find a girl that matches his personality to marry. As in the case of Trinh Khai, the girl he found was a perfect complement to him: one warm, open-minded, one cold, reserved. An extrovert, an introvert …

It is hard to say in this life, which love is deeper, deeper. It may be the arrangement of fate, but it is also the most obvious fact of marriage: Finding the right person that can complement you.

‘The right person, the right time’

There are people who work hard in love, marriage, and love a lot but can’t find their pieces forever. Meanwhile, some people just met the right object and entered the marriage. Obviously, the love for marriage, the timing of the appearance is of utmost importance.

Chinese showbiz has stirred up the story of male singer and actor Quach Phu Thanh. He loved model Hung Dai Lam for 7 years, the relationship was only a marriage certificate from the couple. But Hung Dai Lam came to Quach Phu Thanh when he was a young man, still passionate about the aura of the stage, passionate about the screams of fans. I don’t want to get married. When talking about marriage, he used to flutter: “Before 50”. Hung Dai Lam, unable to wait, finally broke up with him to get married.

But what Hung Dai Lam waited for 7 years was not, in the end, Moka Phuong Vien, a model several decades younger than Quach Phu Thanh, easily got it after just a few months of research. Quach Phu Thanh’s marriage decision was made very suddenly. The man who used to be the most important job in the world, finally faltered, tired of his knees and said, “I like children. Now I hope to build a family, have a child of my own. “. Then he got married.

Writer Truong Ai Linh, in the book “Red Rose, White Rose” once wrote about the “ungainly of fate”: “Maybe you have given too much for a certain love, but if not the right person , at the right moment, you will fail. And sometimes, for no apparent reason, the person who accidentally passes your life, sometimes becomes the greatest light of your life, forever. “

Marriage is not the same as deep love

Under the “teasing” of hormones, love can flare up like flames. But the fire can die, love can die after the rains. Marriage is not like that. As we step out of the mist of love, we realize one thing: It turns out that marriage does not have to have deep, lasting love. Just the right person, at the right time, the prodigal son, running away from responsibility one year will change his heart, finally ready to enter a new challenge of life, called marriage.

Thuy Linh (According to Sina)


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