Markus Söder: Bavaria-wide disaster ordered

Munich – Prime Minister Dr. Due to the current worrying situation in the corona pandemic, Markus Söder ordered the determination of the disaster from November 11th.

The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior will promptly issue a corresponding announcement.

Corona infection is currently developing very dynamically in Bavaria. The 7-day incidence hits new highs every day. At the same time, the occupancy of hospital beds, especially intensive care beds, with COVID-19 patients continues to rise.

In many hospitals there are already no or only very few capacities available. This increases the need for coordination when occupying intensive care beds and moving patients from overburdened clinics. The corona pandemic endangers the life and health of a large number of people throughout Bavaria.

The determination of the disaster enables a coordinated and structured approach by all authorities, agencies and organizations involved in disaster control. The disaster has proven to be an effective means in the corona pandemic.


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