Marie-Pierre Rixain (LREM): “We are proposing a quota of 10% of women for high responsibilities”

Up until the last minute, there were touch-ups. But, this Monday, March 8, Marie-Pierre Rixain, LREM member of Essonne and president of the delegation for women’s rights, ended up imposing a quota formula for company executives, materialized in a bill filed with Christophe Castaner and the group La République en Marche. A text that also improves access to training and seeks to fight against economic violence. Interview.

This morning, the LREM group tabled a bill aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality. You’ve been working there for a few weeks. What does this text contain? Will we finally have quotas for the management committees?

No, we have chosen another perimeter. The main issue of this text, beyond the issue of equality, is to improve performance for the economy, since we know that companies which are feminized have better results. It is also about telling young women that they have their place in technological positions, those that change the world. We also know that the economy needs the labor force represented by women, all women. We therefore want to involve all of them, not only the leaders, but also those who are far from the labor market.

March 8 in times of Covid: “Women are not an adjustment variable in the crisis”

Maybe let’s start with this component. What do you plan to bring closer to the em

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