Marathon 21 people died in China, 6 athletes returned from the dead

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, athletics news) The world of Marathon was buzzing with information related to the running race that caused 21 deaths in China.

The Marathon with a total distance of 100 km in Gansu started smoothly on the morning of May 22 in China. However, when the weather changed dramatically in the afternoon, the temperature dropped sharply, there was rain and high wind causing a terrible disaster.

The Chinese shepherd saved the lives of 6 athletes in the “death” race on May 22

The race from CP2 to CP4 became a “death run” when it claimed the lives of 21 athletes. The temperature dropped so quickly that the athletes’ body temperature dropped suddenly, creating the illusion that they collapsed because of the hallucination.

The death toll would have increased without the arrival of a shepherd. 6 athletes participating in the race were saved by this man. Thanks to the experience of traveling in harsh conditions, the shepherd man was able to bring 6 athletes into a small cave for shelter.

Here, he wrapped blankets and lit a fire to warm them. The farmer’s brave action has received a lot of praise from the Chinese online community.

The shepherd saved three men and three women, and he was hailed as a hero by fans, but Zhu Keming said it was “normal that anyone in that situation would do the same.” “.

Zhang Xiaotao, a rescued athlete, wrote on social media: “I am grateful to the man who saved me a lot. Without him, I would have frozen to death there.”

“The wind was so strong, our thermal blanket was torn to pieces. Some people lost consciousness and foamed at the mouth,” one athlete who escaped death in that run shared with Reuters.

The stories of the participating athletes show how dangerous it is on the track in Gansu (China). People are questioning the role of the organizers when letting the tournament take place, causing 21 people to lose their lives and many people to fall into dangerous situations.


20 people died at the ultra-marathon in China Trung

Twenty runners participating in the challenging Marathon were killed by extreme weather and mainly by hail.


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