Many students and office workers love 3 Mien noodles

Students, office workers – representatives of Gen Z – choose 3 Mien noodles because of the rich juice package.

Gen Z (born after 1996) – one of today’s active generations – often opens up new trends, including food review, food blogger or travel blogger… They search for delicious restaurants, impressive entertainment venues and then meticulously shared with everyone via social networking platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. From expensive restaurants, strange and familiar dishes such as instant noodles, Gen Z has an interesting experience.

On Facebook, many students and office workers from Gen Z said that they choose instant noodles for a quick meal, in which priority is given to 3 Domains because of convenience and richness. Hai Anh – an employee of a company in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City – said that the product is suitable for travel, camping and likes the feeling of experiencing the culinary flavors of all parts of the country in a new and modern way. .

Gen Z chooses gravy noodles for a tasteful experience.

Towards a dynamic and diverse generation, 3 Mien noodles are packed with North, Central and South flavors with many strange flavors, meeting the needs of Gen Z. The brand representative said that more than 30 years of attachment and understanding Vietnamese consumers, leaders and employees are always concerned with innovation to bring the best value in each product. Besides, R&D experts have developed the juice package from meat and bone stew for many hours, contributing to improving the quality and shaping the way to enjoy: “Good noodles must have juice”.

“Combining exclusive formula and applying modern technology into the refining process, we successfully launched a rich juice package, on the one hand keeping the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine, on the other hand upgrading the quality of the meal. family,” said a business representative.

Tuan Ha (second year student, Hai Chau, Da Nang) commented that the breakthrough juice package makes the difference of 3 Mien noodles, instead of just the usual salt and seasoning package.

Condensed juice packs bring a new noodle tasting experience to Gen Z.

Condensed juice packs bring a new noodle tasting experience to Gen Z.

“This change creates an attraction for the familiar instant noodle dish, which attracts thousands of students like me. With condensed ingredients from stewed meat and bones, containing the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, the juice pack helps the bowl of noodles. more rich and delicious”, Tuan Ha said.

Student Thuy Anh (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) said that now, enjoying instant noodles is no longer associated with the image of being busy and lazy, on the contrary, it is a lively and creative experience.

“The bowl of instant noodles with concentrated juice contributes to honoring the quintessence of national cuisine, upholding the Vietnamese taste, and bringing a trendy enjoyment experience to Gen Z, food bloggers and the most gourmet TikTokers.” Van Hai – office worker in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM – said.

3 Domain is rated by many users to improve the quality of instant noodles.

3 Domain is rated by many users to improve the quality of instant noodles.

Constantly exploring, setting high standards and demanding differences, Gen Z also cares about technology and the process of creating products. Understanding the psychology of this user group, Uniben has proactively introduced a rigorous selection of ingredients and a long-hour stewing technique.

Accordingly, fresh ingredients are carefully arranged in a large pressure cooker, seasoned according to the standard recipe and then stewed for many hours.

“Stewing is considered complete when the juice reaches a certain consistency, the color is orange-brown, the aroma of shrimp, meat and vegetables is mixed. Next, these drops of essence go through the process of pasteurization and thickening. Concentrated, packed into sour and spicy shrimp juice, both retain the nutrients and double the richness”, the business representative added.

Van Phat

In 2022, Uniben celebrates its 30th anniversary. As a large food company in Vietnam, the business currently owns three modern European-standard factories, with the brands 3 Mien, Reeva, Boncha, Joco and Abben. In which, 3 Mien noodles are chosen by Vietnamese consumers to buy the most. Reeva is a premium noodle brand with 100% fresh ingredients. Boncha honey tea is made from 100% pure honey and whole leaf green tea. Joco juice with crunchy, crunchy fresh fruit pieces. Abben is an energy drink brand with the position of “The best energy standard, creating precision in every action”.


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