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Friends who flee together through a dark tunnel from the dictatorship to the free West are bound by this dramatic experience for a lifetime. We can see what can result from such a deep connection in the new, global multi-format release of Mandoki soulmates “Utopia for Realists” on the Sony label InsideOut Music.

Leslie Mandoki combines poetic and socio-culturally demanding song texts and complex compositions in a completely new way as a redefinition of prog rock and the virtuosity of jazz rock. Visually, Gábor Csupo underlines Mandoki’s magnum opus “Hungarian Pictures” with his avant-garde animation concept, inspired by the music of Béla Bartók.

Mandoki’s musical vision and Csupo’s excellent animation concept find a creative reunion on the visual album “Utopia for Realists”, especially before their shared personal history. The Mandoki Soulmates concert on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall merges with excellently animated paintings and artistically sophisticated landscape shots from the Carpathian Plain, where Bartók was inspired by the diversity of folk music, supplemented by special insights and recordings during the studio sessions.

This innovative and groundbreaking visual album also brings the Budapest-born soulmates back together to give music lovers an exciting and holistic experience for eyes, ears and soul – also to be experienced live when the Mandoki Soulmates are on tour across Germany in 2022.

The new visual album by the Mandoki Soulmates – a holistic music experience for all the sensesPhoto: PR

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About Mandoki Soulmates

In 1975 Leslie Mandoki, Gábor Csupo and Leslie’s musician friend László Bencker managed the spectacular and dramatic escape through the Iron Curtain to freedom and a new life in the caravan tunnel. Gábor Csupo founded his animation studio Klasky Csupo in Hollywood, which produced world hits such as “Rugrats”, “Duckman” and “The Simpsons”.

In November 2022, Mandoki Soulmates will go on tour

In November 2022, Mandoki Soulmates will go on tourPhoto: PR

After the successful escape in the Bavarian central warehouse for asylum seekers, Leslie Mandoki stated that he wanted to play with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull and the world-famous Fusion guitarist Al di Meola from New York when asked about his future plans.

Over the years Mandoki has worked as a music producer with world stars like Phil Collins and Lionel Richie and founded his legendary band Mandoki Soulmates. Together with Ian Anderson, Al di Meola and other icons of rock and jazz, he created sophisticated new music that combined the intellectual musical formal language of British prog rock with the virtuoso brilliance of New York fusion jazz rock.

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