Man banned from leaving the country for 8,000 years

Noam Huppert, an Australian, is barred from leaving Israel until December 31, 1999, unless he transfers $3.4 million to his ex-wife to support the children.

Mr. Huppert, an analytical chemist working for pharmaceutical companies in Australia, fell in love with an Israeli woman in 2007. By 2012, this relationship broke down, the woman brought her two children home.

Huppert moved to Israel shortly after to have nearly two children, not expecting that decision to have kept him in prison for the past eight years. Huppert’s wife filed for divorce and asked for alimony. An Israeli court issued an injunction banning him from leaving even while on vacation or on business, until he can pay child support until the age of 18, estimated at $3.34 million.

“I am one of many foreign nationals who have been unfairly treated by Israel’s ‘justice system’ for marrying an Israeli woman,” he said. Huppert is not sure why he was banned from leaving for 8,000 years.

Noam Huppert, an Australian, is banned from leaving Israel until 9999. Photo: News

British freelance journalist Marianne Azizi says it’s impossible to determine the exact number of men affected by the bizarre law. She estimates there are hundreds of Australian citizens in a similar situation.

According to Sorin Luca, documentary director No Exit Order – films about Israeli women imprisoning men when their marriages fall apart – these exit bans are virtually “unheard of in the West, nor in any other country, except Israel”. In this country, a woman can easily order a travel ban with the child’s father to ensure child support is received.

“Once ordered, a man can be jailed for 21 days without any financial investigation. Men have to pay 100% or even more of their income to support their children. “, Sorin said.

Blogger Adam Herscu, who writes about gender issues, has warned that “men should consider moving to Israel and starting a family there”, according to an article on the Internet. Times of Israel 2013.

The US State Department has issued a notice to its citizens, which emphasizes that a person can be subjected to involuntary, prolonged stay and even jailed in Israel if a case is brought to religious courts. , even if the original marriage took place in the United States and regardless of whether their spouse is present in Israel.

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