Man arrested: fatal shots at two police officers in the United States

Deadly shots also on police officers in the USA!

► Two college security guards died in Bridgewater, Virginia, after a man opened fire on them. The suspect was taken into custody, reports CNN.

The security forces sent a tweet in the afternoon (local time) warning students and teachers of a shooter on campus.

Students left the university building after a security warning on TwitterPhoto: Daniel Lin/AP

In another tweet around 2 p.m., the university announced that the police had arrested a suspect after a search of the premises, but that the students should continue to get to safety. The university gave the all-clear around 4:30 p.m.

Bridgewater College is a private liberal arts college located approximately 200 kilometers northwest of Richmond. Around 1,500 students are enrolled at it.

One student was killed and another seriously injured in a shooting Tuesday afternoon outside a school in suburban Minneapolis, police said. According to police, the students were shot at near the main entrance in front of the South Education Center in Richfield.

The surviving student was in critical condition at a local hospital. The suspects fled and the police searched the area.

► Just 11 days ago, two New York police officers were shot dead when called to a domestic dispute in Harlem. After the incident, thousands of police officers came to the funeral service for the two. Standing side by side on 5th Avenue, they commemorated their colleagues in silent protest against increasing violence against police officers in New York and across the United States.


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