Mallorca: Discos should open again from mid-July – party clearance for malls

Will everything soon be the same at Malle as it used to be?

On the party island of Mallorca, discos, pubs and other nightspots should be allowed to reopen around mid-July. The newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” reported on Saturday, citing the regional government in Palma.

The reason for the relaxation is the now relaxed corona situation. According to the report, the scheme should also apply to the other Balearic Islands.

The reopening of the entertainment venues should happen according to the plans of Palma around July 17th. The final decision should only be made after a seven-day pilot project at the beginning of July. “Diario de Mallorca” quoted regional president Francina Armengol as saying that the nightlife on the Spanish Mediterranean islands should be reactivated “sooner rather than later”.

These plans are the result of a meeting between Armengol and other politicians and representatives of the industry. It is relatively certain that dancing should in principle be permitted inside the pub.

In a first stage, however, all restaurants would have to close by 3 a.m. at the latest. In addition, there will be several rules, such as maintaining a safe distance from strangers and the obligation to wear a mask in certain situations.

Dance and other nighttime entertainment venues have for the most part been closed in Spain since the Corona lockdown in March 2020. According to studies, the operators of at least 500 of the 1500 shops in the sector finally threw in the towel because of the restrictions in the Balearic Islands alone.

The corona numbers in Spain have been falling continuously for months. Most recently, 46 infections per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide were recorded within seven days.

The seven-day incidence in the Balearic Islands is currently just over 20. This means that the region in Spain is only slightly worse than Valencia (approx. 18) and Murcia and Galicia (each approx. 19).


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