Maley is terrorizing Waller Park !: My dog ​​only plays | Regional

Bremen – The Waller Park, a former manor with a lake, ancient oaks, playground and winding paths – pure idyll.

But for four months now, many residents no longer dare to come here. Fighting dog “Maley” (4) is said to have attacked a man. The American pit bull has been spotted repeatedly since then. Without a leash! Without a muzzle!

Monika (71) is in the park every day. The senior citizen to BILD: “I saw the dog scurry to the man, then screams – blood everywhere!” Of course, the bite attack spread like wildfire. “Everyone is afraid!”

The mangled hand had to be sewn with seven stitches

Photo: private

Supermarket vice-president Rui L. (24) is also concerned: “Children play here. Unthinkable if the animal grabs one! “

Teaser picture

Bite victim Dennis took a selfie in the clinic

Photo: private

BILD tracked down victim Dennis N. (34) in Neuss (North Rhine-Westphalia). “The dog first bit my leg, so I fell to the ground. Then he wanted to hit my neck. I fended him off. Then he tore my right hand, ”reports the waiter. The torn hand was sewn with seven stitches. He sends hospital reports, the criminal complaint (652 Js 51754/20).

Nothing happened.

Dog owner Marcel B. (29), on the other hand, poses proudly for BILD: “The dog is playful and recently bit my hand too. Is just the way!”

Victim Dennis tried for a long time to get compensation for pain and suffering. Vain. It has now cost him 1000 euros. He says: “I can no longer afford a lawyer. But I am particularly horrified that the animal was not even tested for character. “

Frank Passade, public prosecutor’s spokesman: “The investigations are ongoing!”


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