‘Makeover’ the old apartment

HanoiAfter 9 years of living in a rented house that is both dimly lit and secretive, teacher Thu Trang is determined to renovate it into a comfortable, sunny and windy apartment.

Trang’s family lives in a rented apartment in the old dormitory on Lang Ha street. A year ago because of Covid-19, she taught online, so the need to work and live at home was more, the disadvantages of living space suddenly became serious.

Trang’s apartment for rent is 50 m2 wide, divided into four compartments, but the layout is not reasonable. The largest space is divided into two small rooms, not enough for a bed, just a storage room for sundries. The space in the middle is forced into a bedroom, just enough for a bed, but opening the main door is a sleeping place, no privacy. Bookshelves are also placed in this space, causing a sense of mystery. The third space is the kitchen and dining room and at the same time becomes a workplace. The balcony also turns into a warehouse, storing a broken, moldy and dusty sofa.

The whole family feels the need to have a more comfortable living space but is hesitant between repairing the house they live in or renting another one. The apartment has been attached to Trang’s family for 9 years, the neighbors are friendly, it’s convenient to go to work, it’s close to her son’s school, the market is also easy…

However, this is just an apartment for rent. Many friends advise, temporary housing, expensive repair, and not your home. While relatives remind that the repair needs to be approved by the landlord, then the procedure is complicated.

Renting another apartment is the second option, but the family is still not satisfied. The apartment is small, the price is too expensive, the apartment is far from the center. “At that time, someone also advised to buy a new house, it would be too expensive to repair it after moving,” Trang said. However, the couple does not have much savings, buying an apartment in the inner city of Hanoi requires about 2 billion VND. “If you buy in installments, the amount of principal and interest you have to pay each month is quite a lot,” the female teacher calculated with her husband.

Finally, with the consent of the landlord, the Trang and his wife decided to renovate the apartment they were in.

The living room when not renovated has a bed in the middle of the room, the window is sealed by a bookshelf. Later, the architect converted the functions of the rooms, making the space more airy. Image: Character provided.

Because the area of ​​the house is not large and the budget of Ms. Trang’s family is not much, the design team advised to renovate the apartment in a simple, economical style and the criterion is “if the family moves out, they can still bring it with them.” most of the furniture”.

The demolition of each partition wall is carefully calculated and checked to avoid the collapse of the whole building. The design team did not have much impact on the original structure of the apartment, only demolishing the wall that blocks the light in the room, opening the window into the door, cleaning the balcony, … bringing in no light and convection. gas.

White, beige and gold colors are used to create a feeling of light freshness. The design team proposed simple, neat tables and chairs and painted the walls as accents. This approach is both impressive and inexpensive.

“The choice of design and color is up to the owner’s choice. We listen and follow that wish,” said architect Hoai Ly – the head of the design team.

The bedroom window that has been sealed for a long time has been renovated into a door leading directly to the balcony.  Photo: Character provided

The bedroom window that has been sealed for a long time has been renovated into a door leading directly to the balcony. Image: Characters provided

Originally, the apartment had three rooms, so the design team divided it into three main functions: living room, bedroom and kitchen. Currently, there are only 3 people in the family, so there is no need to separate the bedroom. In the future, if the family has more members, they can make light partitions. The second space is the living room – common living room, arranged with a large sofa, just sitting comfortably, when guests stay overnight, it will turn into a temporary bed. The last room has kitchen and dining functions, neatly remodeled.

“The most memorable is the process of transforming old clothes to look like new,” Hoai Ly shared. The wall-mounted air conditioner is painted in pure white, and the wooden doors are also changed color. The tables and chairs are arranged reasonably, the beds are neat, making the house airy and full of light.

The design team does not use expensive materials, but focuses on lightweight, highly applicable materials at a reasonable cost. Like the previous balcony, the “tiger cage” was expanded, unable to withstand too much force. The architect decided to reinforce it to be sure, lined with lightweight concrete to flatten, the last step is to cover the water-resistant simili plastic floor while still ensuring high aesthetics.

Because of the small area of ​​the apartment, the selected furniture must save space such as a round tea table, an armless office chair that can be pushed under the table, a low-backed sofa… These objects can be folded compact and easy to move if the owner needs to leave.

The balcony before the renovation was just a dusty and damp warehouse.  After renovation, the balcony becomes a relaxing place for the owner.  Photo: Character provided

The balcony before the renovation was just a dusty and damp warehouse. After renovation, the balcony becomes a relaxing place for the owner. Image: Characters provided

The house after renovation was named “House of Bon” after the owner’s son. Total repair cost is 150 million, including interior.

“Before the renovation, I consulted many places and found the cost quite reasonable,” said Ms. Trang. According to the female teacher, home is not only a place to sleep but also a place to regenerate life energy, to be safe and peaceful. “Whether the house is bought or rented, it needs to be arranged and arranged in accordance with life,” she shared.

After sharing the apartment screen on a social networking forum, it immediately “caused a fever” with thousands of shares and comments. Most of the comments said that they were surprised by the “impossible” change with a relatively low cost. Trang’s pioneering in renovating and remodeling rented accommodation has inspired many others to take care of their family’s living space.

Some more pictures of the apartment before and after the renovation.

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