Make vaccines a global public good? “A generous idea but disconnected from reality”

We wait, we wait, but nothing to do: the vaccines are delivered in small quantities. What a strange situation to thus depend on the production capacities of a handful of pharmaceutical manufacturers, and on the prices set by them… The problem is that vaccines belong to their discoverers and to them alone, because of the rights. of intellectual property.

But if, because of the health situation it is going through, the international community decides to transform them exceptionally into a good can be manufactured by any laboratory and freed from the payment of royalties, therefore inexpensive ? It would turn vaccines into a “global public good”. To do this, states could use a legal tool called the “compulsory license” which would allow them to absolve themselves of the easements of the copyright.

“Ultimately, it is always Macron who decides”: the president facing the scientists

A European petition, supported by 200 organizations and unions, calls for action in this direction. She invokes the need to act quickly against the pandemic and above all, not to

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