Major action on Christmas Day: eight accidents on the A8, 18 injured

Large-scale operation for the rescue workers on Christmas Day.

Because of sleet, there were eight consecutive accidents on Autobahn 8 in Bavaria in a short time, with a total of 18 injured. Two men and one woman were seriously injured, the remaining 15 people were slightly injured, a police spokesman said on Friday evening.

Between the junction of Jettingen-Scheppach and Günzburg, a total of eleven vehicles were involved in accidents in both directions due to slush on the roads. “It was a bad weather front that came from the north and led to sudden snowfall,” the spokesman said.

There was also a first aider among the slightly injured. He wanted to help a seriously injured woman and was hit by a car, which threw into the scene of the accident.

The autobahn was blocked in the direction of Munich for around three hours, in the direction of Stuttgart it was around five hours because oil had leaked on the road, which had to be removed.

It was a major operation for the rescue workers. There were twelve rescue vehicles, five ambulance vehicles, four command vehicles and two helicopters on site. A provisional ambulance center was also set up at the scene of the accident.


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