Maddie suspect to be charged in Hazel Behan case

Braunschweig – It has been known since June 2020 that the criminally convicted child molester Christian Brückner (44) is suspected of kidnapping and murdering Maddie McCann (then 3) in 2007.

Now, 18 months later, Brückner could actually face charges. Not in the case of Maddie, however!

During the public search for witnesses, the BKA and the Braunschweig public prosecutor received information on three further unexplained crimes, with which Brückner is now associated.

In one of these cases, according to BILD information, a trial could be imminent: In the case of Hazel Behan (then 20), who was raped in the Algarve in 2004, charges could be brought as early as the beginning of 2022.

Hazel Behan

The Irish woman was working as a waitress in Praia da Rocha, about 30 minutes by car from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine McCann disappeared without a trace in May 2007.

Two weeks before her 21st birthday, Behan was ambushed and raped at night in her apartment. The perpetrator was never caught.

In the course of reporting on the new suspect in the Maddie case, the Irish woman recognized details that reminded her of her own ordeal.

“I was blown when I read how he attacked a woman in 2005. Both the tactics and the way, the tools that he had with him, how well he had planned it, “said Behan the English” Guardian “. “To be honest: I threw up because my memories suddenly came back when I read about it.”

In 2005, Brückner attacked the late American Diane M. (then 72) in Praia da Luz, raped her and filmed the crime. For this act he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in Braunschweig in 2019.

The verdict only caused a sensation when the German’s possible connection to the Maddie case became known six months later.

Hazel Behan testified to the police that her attacker spoke English with a German accent, was about six feet tall and wore a balaclava: “But I could see that he had blonde eyebrows and piercing blue eyes.” The rapist I had a knife with me, used condoms and filmed the crime – like the perpetrator in the Diane M.

Enough matches to indict the Maddie suspect now?

In her testimony to the police, Hazel Behan is said to have reported a conspicuous tattoo or birthmark on the buttocks of her tormentor. It is not known whether Christian Brückner has such a mark.

His defense lawyer, the star lawyer Friedrich Fülscher from Kiel, reacted with surprise to the possible impending indictment: “It is astonishing that the media want to know more than those involved in the proceedings again. So either there is a leak in the investigative authorities from which inclined media benefit, or this information is not worth the paper on which it is printed. “

According to BILD information, relevant witnesses have been questioned again by the BKA in the past few weeks. Public prosecutor Hans Chrtistian Wolters is still covered. “We hope to finalize the investigation into Hazel B. early next year. What result will you then see, “he said to BILD.


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