Madagascar – helicopter crash! Politician swims on the bank for 12 hours

Dramatic incident with a happy ending!

After a helicopter crash, a member of the government in Madagascar claims to have swam to the safe shore for twelve hours.

Police Minister Serge Gelle (57) reached the coastal city of Mahambo on Tuesday morning, as the head of the port authority said. The politician had gotten himself out of the helicopter with the ejector seat and used one of the seats as a swimming aid.

Separated from him, another inmate reached the coastal city on Tuesday. Two people are still missing. The helicopter crashed on Monday off the northeast coast of the African island state.

A video from the Ministry of Defense of Madagascar showed Gelle exhausted on a deck chair, still in his uniform. “My time to die has not yet come,” he said in it. He’s freezing, but he’s not injured.


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