Mad at the BBL! – That is why Bayern coach Trinchieri does not extend

Someone is hurt in his honor!

Basketball coach Andrea Trinchieri (52) is hesitant to extend his contract with FC Bayern, which will expire after this season. Not because he doesn’t like it in Munich, the Italian is mad at the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).

Trinchieri had been sentenced to a game ban and a fine of 2000 euros by the BBL for allegedly unsportsmanlike conduct at the game in Hamburg (86:91). He served the suspension with reservations, the fine was withdrawn after an objection.

“I take my time. The wound does not heal, ”said Trinchieri in a Bavarian podcast. He left the question open as to when he will extend: “I have to worry about what happened to the BBL. That hurts me in a personal way. “

He continued: “I’m not afraid to raise my hand and say, ‘I made a mistake,’ but it is very difficult for me to accept things that are not fair. That bothers me every day. “

He is convinced that he helped German basketball. With Bamberg he won three consecutive championships from 2015 to 2017 and this season led Bayern to the Euroleague playoffs as the first German team (2: 3 against Milan). Trinchieri: “I think that I can at least expect respect.”

He definitely enjoys it at FC Bayern.


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