Macron bets € 1.8 billion on quantum computing

Emmanuel Macron is due to present, this Thursday, January 21, a large investment plan for quantum computing, totaling 1.8 billion euros over five years. Concretely, the State puts 1.05 billion on the table, European funding will provide 200 million, and the rest comes from French industrialists and investors committed to the issue. It’s a plan that is massive, that positions us at a very good international level, we welcome at the Elysee. This should put us, in terms of investments, in third place behind the United States and China.

This plan will be divided between different research themes: 350 million euros for quantum simulators, 430 million for the quantum computer, 250 million for quantum sensors, 150 million for cryptography and post-quantum cybersecurity, 320 million for quantum communication systems, and 280 million on other quantum technologies (lasers, cryogenics, etc.). There is also a horizontal division, with all the credits dedicated to research [700 millions d’euros], those for industrial development, those for training [70 millions] or those for entrepreneurship [390 millions], they say at the Elysee.

With this investment plan for the future, France intends to catch up with its technological backwardness. The opportunity for a guided tour of the research laboratories of the French Atos and Thalès, already engaged in the race of the r

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