Luxury brands, the only rivals of Gafa

Do you know the Clewi clue? It’s an English acronym – sorry in advance for those who get annoyed – for Cost of Living Extremely Well Index. This index of the “cost of an extremely comfortable life” was developed by the American magazine “Forbes” to measure the evolution of expenses for the ultra-rich. Not the upper middle classes, the real fortunes, those with more than a million euros in savings to invest or spend, excluding real estate. They are all the same nearly 20 million in the world. In the index, we find objects as essential as a James Purdey & Sons shotgun (over 300,000 euros …), a Steinway piano, a little black Gucci dress, an Audemars Piguet watch, a Hermès bag, a Louis Vuitton travel bag or a case of Dom Pérignon champagne.

Yachts, fine wines … but with or without servants? The confined ultrarich dilemma

You won’t find everything on the New Samaritan woman, but a good chunk of the list, yes. The Pont-Neuf store has reopened its doors, transformed into a temple of luxury. A new brilliance, without any popular touch… Emmanuel Macron came to inaugurate it, alongside Bernard Arnault, the first French fortune, second f

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